Industry Self Assessment

Our online self assessment takes only a few minutes and requires no identifying information. Its purpose is to help highlight, for your evaluation only, key aspects relating to improvement of staff wellbeing and performance.

Please consider & rate each statement.

Employees are the most important asset in your business.

You fully understand your employee’s needs.

You are informed of employee issues in their infancy.

Our organisation fully complies with industry standards and governance.

Data is very important in your business.

Remote workers are harder to engage.

You use data to make decisions that affect people.

Employee feedback is in real-time (or within 24 hours).

You understand how employees can be affected by their environment.

You have no employee turnover, retention is very high.

Safety and quality are at there optimum within your workplace.

Workplace morale is the very best it can be.

Your employees are fully engaged.

Productivity is perfect in your organisation.

You are fully informed of concerns that can affect your business finances.

You have a strategy in place for people's wellbeing.

You value your business reputation.

You utilise key business data to promote your business to clients.

Your workplace has no room to improve.

To download a copy of the self assessment for offline use. Click here.

Free Project Health Check

Take advantage of our free project health check tool. This is an anonymous 3 minute task by all staff, providing baseline aggregated results of the current wellbeing and performance views of your staff.