It is not solely the responsibility of educators to improve student wellbeing; teaching is a demanding enough profession as it is.  School staff, students and families all share the responsibility of understanding and cultivating a sense of wellbeing and supporting positive behaviour.

Students need to be active participants in learning and their progress. Project Health Level provides the channel for students to monitor and manage their wellbeing actively.  

We provide the means for students to communicate current and emerging issues in real-time.  And we equip educators with the data to take action.  


Our proven digital solution provides:

  • The format for students to reach out when they have information to communicate.
  • A secure digital platform that is in line with student expectations.
  • Real-time data for teachers regarding what is affecting students.
  • A security protocol that gives confidence, promoting student uptake.

The days of second-guessing what your students think and feel are no more.  With children increasingly connected via technology, our approach allows students to initiate a conversation without having to raise their hands.

Key statistics regarding spike in mental health impacts of study stress on Aussie students 2021: Click Here

Wellbeing & Performance

Emotional • Physical • Social • Environmental = Efficiency

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Project Health Levels


Be proactive and guide organisational direction using real-time data

  • The daily “Check In” with PHL identifies start of day wellbeing and readiness.
  • The daily "Check Out" helps identify influences and their effects on wellbeing and performance.


Confidently manage based on real-time data

  • Operating off lag data from end of period reporting can be costly and inefficient.
  • PHL live data allows management of the present scene.


Enhance communication and trust

  • Promote an environment that supports open and honest interaction.
  • The PHL system enhances two way communication of meaningful information.


Facilitate connection and involvement

  • Individuals generate a notification from a low rating to highlight a concern.
  • The notification alerts the designated support person to enable a response.


Engage efficiently with team members

  • An interaction is facilitated as a result of a PHL notification being raised.

  • The PHL platform guides open communication and documented resolution.

  • Early interaction reduces need for intervention.

  • The PHL process provides coaching and mentoring opportunities.


Support the team and organisation

  • Individuals having a voice promotes accountability.

  • PHL users have their say by rating well-being and performance pillars daily.

  • Accountability impacts positively on individuals and the organisation.


Strengthen outcomes

  • Early identification of positive and negative factors improves all aspects of management.

  • PHL reporting supports leadership by tracking notifications, interactions, actions and closeouts.

  • Utilise data trends to improve leadership decisions and outcomes.

FAQ’s – Click Here

Education Self Assessment

Our online self assessment takes a few minutes and requires no identifying information. Its purpose is to help highlight, for your evaluation only, key aspects relating to the improvement of student wellbeing and educational outcomes.


Free Project Health Check

Take advantage of our free project health check tool. This is an anonymous 3 minute task by all students, providing baseline aggregated results of the current wellbeing and educational  views of your students.