Our Company: Focusing On Wellbeing & Performance

PHM was established to address physical, mental and social wellbeing as key factors in aiding performance and productivity.

Our App: Better Data Means Better Decisions

The PHL app obtains raw user data, then via notifications and reporting, enables leaders to confidently make effective decisions.




  • Our platform provides a digital connection between students and staff.
  • PHL creates real-time awareness of student wellbeing, preparedness and academic achievement.
  • Use data to increase educational engagement, attendance and outcomes.




  • Our sporting platform addresses key aspects of wellbeing and performance.
  • PHL provides a structured means for players and staff to interact and engage.
  • Using data trends, organisations can develop and implement effective programmes.



  • As our world changes, organisations adapt to mitigate risk.
  • PHL provides the ability to generate lead data at all levels within an organisation.
  • The trending and interpretation of PHL lead data will improve organisational outcomes and guide environmental, social and governance direction.



  • A platform to reach out when support is needed.
  • Trending of data supports strengthening of wellbeing.
  • Identifies risks in its infancy.
  • Provides a pathway to reduce absenteeism and improve staff retention.