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Our Company: Addressing well-being and performance

PHM was established to address physical, mental and social well-being as key factors in aiding performance and productivity.

Our App: Better data means better decisions

The PHL app obtains raw user data, then via notifications and reporting, enables leaders to confidently make effective decisions.

Well-being & Performance

Emotional • Physical • Social • Environmental = Efficiency

Industry Sectors

Optimising and expanding

  • As our world changes, organisations adapt to mitigate risk.
  • PHL provides the ability to generate lead data at all levels within an organisation.
  • The trending and interpretation of PHL lead data will improve organisational outcomes and guide environmental, social and governance direction.

Interacting & guiding

  • Our platform provides a digital connection between students and staff.
  • PHL creates real-time awareness of student well-being, preparedness and academic achievement.
  • Use data to increase educational engagement, attendance and outcomes.

Developing & supporting

  • Our sporting platform addresses key aspects of well-being and performance.
  • PHL provides a structured means for players and staff to interact and engage.
  • Using data trends, organisations can develop and implement effective programmes.

Use PHL Data to Further Develop the People & Culture within your Organisation

Advancing business outcomes through interaction, not intervention.

Project Health Check


Be proactive and guide organisational direction using real-time data

  • The daily “Check In” with PHL identifies start of day well-being and readiness.
  • The daily “Check Out” helps identify influences and their effects on well-being and performance.


Confidently manage based on real-time data

  • Operating off lag data from end of period reporting can be costly and inefficient.
  • PHL live data allows management of the present scene.


Enhance communication and trust

  • Promote an environment that supports open and honest interaction.
  • The PHL system enhances two way communication of meaningful information.


Facilitate connection and involvement

  • Individuals generate a notification from a low rating to highlight a concern.
  • The notification alerts the designated support person to enable a response.


Engage efficiently with team members

  • An interaction is facilitated as a result of a PHL notification being raised.

  • The PHL platform guides open communication and documented resolution.

  • Early interaction reduces need for intervention.

  • The PHL process provides coaching and mentoring opportunities.


Support the team and organisation

  • Individuals having a voice promotes accountability.

  • PHL users have their say by rating well-being and performance pillars daily.

  • Accountability impacts positively on individuals and the organisation.


Strengthen outcomes

  • Early identification of positive and negative factors improves all aspects of management.

  • PHL reporting supports leadership by tracking notifications, interactions, actions and closeouts.

  • Utilise data trends to improve leadership decisions and outcomes.

Employer of Choice

Use the PHL platform to attract, build and retain a strong, efficient and loyal team.


How does PHL support student well-being?
  • Prior to students starting their day, they rate well-being and school readiness pillars on a scale.
  • Low ratings initiate a notification for the purpose of teacher interaction.
  • Lesson ratings provide immediate comprehension feedback.
  • End of the day pillars are used to identify how a student has been influenced throughout the day.
How does PHL provide employee well-being and project insights?
  • Prior to employees starting their day, they rate well-being and readiness pillars on a scale.
  • End of day pillar ratings identify how an employee has been influenced throughout the day
  • PHL data delivers a broad unfiltered view of what is assisting and hindering the project or its personnel.

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